19 dic 2013

Portada Revelada: Where You’ll Find Me de Erin Fletcher [Adelanto y Sorteo]

Hoy Erin Fletcher y Entangled Teen nos enseñan la portada Where You'll Find Me, libro a publicarse a comienzos del 2014. Lee un adelanto (en inglés), ve la portada y gana un eARC!

Cuando Hanley Helton encuentra un chico viviendo en su garage, sabe que debería echarlo. Pero Nate es demasiado encantador para ser peligroso. Él solo necesita un lugar para quedarse, cosa que Hanley entiende. Sus propios métodos de escape: voda, teñirse el cabello de negro y pretender que el pasado no existe, son más tradiciones ¿pero quién es ella para juzgar?

Nate no le dice por qué está en su garage, y ella no le dece de qué está huyendo. Pronto, empiezan las escapadas de madrugada para largas conversaciones y besos robados. Pero cuando reconoce a Nate como el adolescente perdido de las noticias, Hanley no está segura qué es peor: que está refugiando a un fugitivo o que se esté enamorando de uno.

Exclusive Excerpt:

  Nate looks me over, from my jacket to my favorite pair of jeans, to the shoes that are bonfire-worthy but still cute. My hair, with the help of a straightener, is so silky that my dark bangs fall into my eyes even more than usual. My eye makeup is amped up. Whether all of this is because of the bonfire or because of who I hoped I’d run into before leaving is open for debate. He reaches up and brushes my bangs away from my face. The split-second touch makes me crave more. “You look gorgeous.”
  “Thank you.”
  “Where are you headed?”
  Though staying here in the garage might be a better option, I say, “A bonfire.”
Nate studies me again, but this time it feels like he’s looking for something deeper. “Don’t you ever get tired of sneaking out?”
  “Not really,” I say with a shrug.
  He tugs on the zipper of my fleece, lowering it slightly and pulling me closer. “What are you running from, Hanley?”
  It feels like my secrets are written all over my face, but I say, “Nothing.”
  When he smiles, it’s almost sad. “I don’t buy it.”
  I lean in, putting both hands on the car behind him, one on either side, trapping him. “You tell me why you’re living in my garage and I’ll tell you what I’m running from.”
  He gives a sly smile and doesn’t budge. “Secrets it is.”
  “Secrets it is,” I echo. And even though the small space between us is electric and threatening to disappear, I push off the car and step away. “I’ll see you later,” I say as I open the door.
  “Hanley,” he says before I can get too far. “Be careful out there, okay?”
  I don’t make any promises.

Erin Fletcher is a morning person who does most of her writing before sunrise while drinking excessive quantities of coffee, believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the beach if she could. She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (which is almost never useful when writing books) and lives in North Carolina.

You can visit Erin on her website and on Twitter.

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La portada no es mucho lo mío pero quiero *-* ¿Han leído la sinopsis? ¿Y el adelanto?

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